errorCode":"ERR_DIRECT_INVOKE","message":"failed getting app id either from the URL path or the header dapr-app-id

Question: Trying out Dapr on Docker-Compose produces an error "errorCode":"ERR_DIRECT_INVOKE","message":"failed getting app id either from the URL path or the header dapr-app-id".

Has anyone found the solution to this error?

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Answer: In case you think Dapr is like an HTTP Proxy that is not correct, Dapr is used as Distributed Service Manager, that is, it is configured to know where the API/Services with Get,Put and Post HTTP verbs defined on those endpoints.

When the application tries to access one Endpoint e.g. /api/v1/getOrders/1 the User Interface Application communictes with Dapr, then Dapr forwards that request the API or Service via GRPC or HTTP Protocal. 

You see, Dapr does not expose Services Endpoing via Browser, maybe it might be, at this time not to my knowledge.
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