How to Access ASP.Net Core Application running in Kestrel from another Computer for Debugging

Debugging Notes

1. If you are developing using Dot Net Core 2.2 or later versions and you want to access the application you are developing running on https://localhost:5001 from another computer on the Local Area Network (LAN) follow the instruction below:

- Adjust your launchSettings.json file found under Properties (three steps below your Project name (not the Solution Name), depending on your project structure) 

- Adjust the applicationUrl to listen on for traffic from all IP address/ Network interfaces as follow: "applicationUrl": ""
- Open up port 5001 to allow TCP connection from the Firewall.
[NB] Take it to another level, if you want to debug the proxy x-forwarded headers this will be ideal for testing.

- Now start your application and make sure the application is able to start on port 5001 on the local machine.
- Try to type the full Local Address of the computer running the application (Localhost) from another computer on the same network e.g.  you should be able to access Dot Net Core application and start debugging from there.

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