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how to hide bootstrap modal using jquery

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How to hide Bootstrap 5 Cards Video Script

Hello, in this video we are going to look at creating Boostrap 5 Cards with the same Height regardless of Content.
We will also look at how to hide a Div or Content on Mobile Phones and show them on Desktop or Wider Screens.

1. Create an Asp.Net 5 Application
   Asp.Net 5 Comes with some Bootstrap CSS, the version is known, we will upgrade to use Boostrap 5 using a CDN.
   The advantage of using CDN for Boostrap styling is that, whenever there is a Security Patch, the application will automatically update.

The disadvantage is that there is an overhead that is associated with the External Hosted CDN as you will have to fetch content from a different. The communication might be venerable to cross-site venerability such Cross-Site Scripting where you get unwanted scripts executing on your site.

If you choose to use a CDN, make sure you include SHA-1 Fingerprint.

2. Here we a couple of cards that have different dimensions and are not equal at all.
3. We can make them equal by applying the following CSS Classes.

I will now show you how to hide the Divs on a Small Screen.


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Josh said:

Where is part 2?

Posted On: January 23, 2022 22:19:39 PM

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