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What are COM Ports (Serial Communication)

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COM ports, short for "Communications Port", are physical connections on a computer that allow for serial communication with other devices. Serial communication is a method of transmitting data one bit at a time over a single communication line or channel. These ports are typically used to connect devices such as modems, serial printers, scanners, and other serial devices to a computer.

COM ports are identified by a number, such as COM1, COM2, COM3, etc. The number assigned to a COM port is used to specify which port a device is connected to when communicating with the computer. For example, if a device is connected to COM1, it would be specified as "COM1" in the device's driver or configuration software.

COM ports are becoming less common in modern computers as USB ports and Ethernet ports are becoming more popular as they are faster and more versatile than serial communication. However, some older devices and some industrial equipment still rely on serial communication and use the COM ports.

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